Thursday, October 25, 2012

prada spazzolato

Prada 'Spazzolato' returns this season with a running shoe kind of air-filled rubber sole after the success of the spring summer 2012's golf-shoe sole. The kilt or flap you want to call it, gives you an option of having 2 looks for the shoe. I see for this fall winter Prada offers more variations based on the air sole besides the kilted ones, and all look gorgeous. Well, I have heard some people deeming the kilt and the sole 'weird' but to me, these elements are indeed making a real fashionable statement, due to its unconventionality. I have already made the blue kilted one landed in my collection and still contemplating the next one (the silver one is interesting). Available already at Prada stores worldwide. Check out Saks and Prada E-store too.

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