Tuesday, December 21, 2010

trussardi 1911

In my remembrance, Trussardi is old. Why I got this feeling? Whenever I walked pass a Trussardi Jeans store, I saw uncles and aunties inside, and when I personally stepped inside, the merchandise was really not appealing to me at all, much less the expensive pricing. But again, that was a Trussardi Jeans store, not Trussardi 1911 store. I have not seen any standalone Trussardi 1911 store. I have been quite curious about these very much talked about shoes, with the fact that many fashion bloggers have considered them hot and gorgeous.

Eventually I got a chance to check out these luxurious shoes in real person during my September HK work trip. I was browing around the shoe corner  at Lane Crawford@IFC and suddenly I discovered the familiar maroon checks and patches. I think there were only 2 or 3 models available. Honestly, I think these Trussardies  are very well made, but I hate myself until now that I did not check out then they are made in which country. Anyway, with those expensive pricetags, I suppose they are made in Italy?

So far not many online stores which ship internationally carry Trussardi 1911 shoes. I know Colette.fr carries. Lately I noticed this Japanese online stockist, Restir, which I got to know from one of my favorite bloggers mjcedeno  does carry, and later, Kevin at MyManyBags also mentioned the same store. Restir is now having end of season sales. If you are interested, please act quickly! Anyway, I am interested definitely, but my budget is currently exhausted. hahaha...

images adapted from restir.com and colette.fr;
prices from top: USD519, USD405, GBP410 (excluding shipping fee)

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