Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dr.Martens in suede

I know some people are already looking forward to SS2011.Same for me too, but I am not in any rush. Take a look around you, so many sales are going on and it's the best time to make acquisitions! 

Dr.Martens always has a place in my heart. I am not a super fan but I have been fascinated by its past collaborations with Agnes b. and Raf Simons. In this season, Dr.Martens "Modern Classics Collection" caught my attention. I love the suede and colors, especially the grey. I know, they may not be made of very high quality materials, but for the price, everything is worthy. Furthermore, my-wardrobe.com has just started its sales and presently it still got the grey one selling at discounted price of GBP56 only! 


  1. right now and the start of 2011 are actually the best times to buy winter clothes and accessories as stores slash their prices really low. really really low. regarding those doc martens, i like the grey one but i hope it comes with a thinner sole. thick ones are too chunky for me.


  2. yeah i know what u mean. but this is for aw2010, so cant avoid thick sole afterall, furthermore it's kinda docmart signature.



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