Tuesday, May 22, 2012

ss12 neil barrett shoes

Neil Barrett is one of my favourite designers, despite his tendency towards using a lot of blacks in this design which is really not my thing. But I would say that every season Neil Barrett is always able to surprise me with some unprecedented, very interesting shoes. Something from this season that really caught my attention is the sand color woven leather sneakers. It does look like made of bottle cork material at first glance. The laceup in such material is equally interesting too. Another great offering from Neil this season would be the high cut gladiator sandals with a metal plate in front. Very manly and rugged looking. The only down thing about this shoe collection is the hefty price tags. My choice goes to the high cut gladiator sandals. Well, if you can afford, they are all available now at various online stockists.

 images adapted from TheCorner, ForwardForward

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