Tuesday, March 20, 2012

raf simons ss12

I am quite surprised many online stockists this season selling many Raf Simons shoes. One of the highlighted design for this season is the lace-ups with chains around or half-surround the upper/front soles. They are indeed interesting. Usually Raf shoes are made in Italy, they are quite steep in prices. While MrPorter will not usually specify the "made in x" descriptor for European made shoes  ( I might be wrong if there are exceptions) , SSENSE will usually put in "Imported" for those made in China or Vietnam or Indonesia or Malaysia blah blah. Anyway, i saw 'Made in Portugal' for Raf Sneakers in SSENSE, but I think it does not justify the prices much. My advice is to wait when end of season sales arrives. On a side note, after being absent for few seasons, Raf Simons returns to Club21 Singapore this season, shoes yes not sure about the apparels though.

images adapted from SSENSE, THECORNER, which carry quite a wide range of Raf shoes this season. MrPorter, Oki-ni and LN-CC also carry.

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