Friday, March 4, 2011

y-3 kazuhiri navy ss2011

I have been a fan of Y-3 since many years ago. The love is extended from the love for Adidas. When I had my first trip to Hong Kong, I realised then that Y-3 was so popular. Those were the times when Singapore was still barren of Y-3, with some small collections at Club21's multilabel store, BlackJack ( now Club21b ). I had some chats with the staffs at HK Y-3 and D-mops stores ( Y-3 in HK is under D-mop ) and they told me they have got many tourist customers from Singapore. Not surprising afterall.

Anyway, back to this shoes. Kazuhiri. This particular model is considered a new breed because if I do not remember wrongly, it doesn't exist prior to 2010. I guess some models if popular, will be made coming back seasons after seasons. What I like about Kazuhiri is that it is ankle-height, with a elastic strap across the ankle area, making it very comfortable to slip on, almost a lazy shoe. Furthermore, blue is fatal to me. I like anything in blue. This Kazuhiri is highly pegged in my wishlist. Damn, my wishlist is getting longer and longer......

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