Friday, February 4, 2011

moncler ss2011

I mentioned before when I was in HK I was captivated by the Moncler store at Harbor City. The first glance gave me the impression that it only sells winterwear. Thereafter, I start to find out more about this brand, and my initial perception for Moncler was wrong. In actuality, I learn about this brand through its collaboration with Visvim that breeds Moncler V collection focused on winterwear, which Moncler is superb at indutitably. Anyway, nowadays in many online stores, I begin to notice more and more Moncler stuffs, including shoes and polo tees on top of the usual winter jackets. SSENSE, Endclothing and Brownsfashion are selling some SS2011 Moncler shoes and they all look appealing and promising. Made of quality leather in simple, classy designs, they have easily landed a place in my heart. If I am not wrong, Club21 will open a Moncler store this year. I wish it won't be just a pop-up or a corner, but a standalone, haha.

images adapted from ssense

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