Wednesday, February 9, 2011

made in japan onitsuka tiger is never cheap

There was a period of time in my life that my indulgence in Onitsuka Tiger shoes was at its peak, having almost close to 30 pairs of them in different designs and colors. During the years, it was difficult to acquire Onitsuka products in Singapore. The only effective channels would be mail order from rakuten and ebay. Nowadays, Onitsuka Tiger shoes are ubiquitous, you could see many youths wearing them in fitting skinny jeans. Such matching is impeccable due to the default sleek body contour of Onitsuka shoes, especially that of my never dying affection - Mexico 66. The sleekness renders the connection at the ankle area with some jean stacks, clean and seamless; or if you want to wear with folded chinos, the effect is equally great. Despite the fact that Onitsuka Tiger is so strong with Japanese implications, the shoes are almost all China crafted. In recent years, I see Onitsuka Tiger taking some detour of returning to the origin, delivering some serious, craftmanship-oriented products.  Apparently, this beautiful baby, a high cut silver white Mexico Midrunner model made in Japan with premium material, certainly justifies the heft in the price.You can get them from Bostonclub, Rakuten.

images adapted from Bostonclub

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