Thursday, February 3, 2011

generic surplus for comme des garcons shirt ss2011

I have heard before about Generic Surplus this American brand but my knowledge of it is simply meagre. Their website says something like:

Generic Surplus creates timeless silhouettes by uniting clean, refined lines with monochromatic colorways and durable, innovative materials. Each collection is built upon classic styles, looks that have proven the test of time. They are then given slight tweeks to refresh and update them, creating the "Generic" look...

Well said enough. That justifies the fact that you won't find those loud, fanciful shoes which are my cup of tea. Anyway, simplicity can work miraculously and this is never a secret. I browsed through some collections of Generic Surplus at
and they are not too bad. This season, the collaboration with Comme des Garcons lor. Shirt is the focus. I have seen the shoes in real at the newly opened CDG store at Singapore's Hilton and I quite like that down-to-earth off white. Endclothing is carrying them as well at GBP85, extremely affordable and reasonable.

images adapted from endclothing

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