Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Ok, this is not exactly a piece of very fresh news. Today when I got to see this mailer from Club21b, I am quite looking forward to seeing the new store. Furthermore, in the list of the brands that Club21b will be having, I see this Japanese label "Johnbull". I was once quite obsessed with this brand and frankly, it is not easy to get hold of Johnbull's items. To some of you, perhaps this brand is even unfamiliar. I would not say this brand is a big deal thing, but once it has a place in my heart. Jeans, cargo pants, and chinos from Johnbull  used to be my favorites. There was a local store at Haji Lane (Singapore) which sold  Johnbull jeans at quite exorbitant prices long time ago, and I think the store is history now. Anyway, if you are adventurous enough you can get a lot of Johnbull stuffs off Rakuten online shopping portal, but the best way is still to travel to Tokyo. I am sure the prices there would be so much cheaper. Lane Crawford in HK also carries Johnbull. I hope Club21b will bring in nice Johnbull jeans and price them nicely too.

Below is the typical logo of Johnbull, image adapted from Rakuten store. You can find more about Johnbull at its official website.

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