Wednesday, January 26, 2011

converse chuck taylor x cody hudson

I have many friends telling me that Converse Chuck Taylors are very comfortable to wear. I cannot deny that. I prefer Chuck to Jack Purcel as the latter caused a lot of pain when wearing despite my several attempts of getting the right sizes. Anyway, we can see that many designers choose Chuck Taylor to work on instead of Jack Purcell, and this is very much epitomised by the success of Converse x Missoni or Comme des Garcons Play x Converse.

Anyway, I came across this Cody Hudson collaboration and I think it's nicely crafted as well. Love the brown very much, and the price is not bombastic at all, at GBP89 (

When writing this post, I start to recollect the very Converse x Hiroshi which I was so desperate to acquire once but in the eventuality the search remains futile. If you dig through rakuten, you might be able to get your size still, but at a price tag which is not worthwhile at all.

images adapted from rakuten and endclothing

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