Monday, January 31, 2011

balenciaga highcut ss2011

I have missed buying Balenciaga shoes last season. This time round I tell myself I have to act fast. The stock at Club21 Men is indeed very limited. Without vacillation, I grabbed the last pair in my size. The semi-transparent sole is really cool, and the orange leather patch adds some unique unconventionality to the overall look. There is another low cut version at Club21 Men too, but in the usual black and grey colors which is not inspiring to me, and the stock is limited too. Else, you can always order a pair off Brownsfashion, in green and grey at GBP345, which is equally stunning.


  1. I have to call new york and reserve one for myself! So Gorgeous!

  2. yeah shane. it's the kinda shoes which made me got love at first sight. haha



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