Monday, December 13, 2010

surrender to infatuation

I first saw this featured in one of my favourite HK online fashion sites,  called BeeWeb (used to be named as bee monday) and immediately I fell in love with it. I like what Riccardo manipulates geometry and shapes.

That was in September, and before that, I remember I saw the same shoes carried by a few online stockists, but in different materials and colors.

When I was on a work trip to HK in September, I deliberately and desperately rushed to Joyce to see the real item and it was all sold out to my surprise!

The local Givenchy store, the one and only in Singapore, is carrying this model as well, but in shiny suede grey black while the white one only in low cut version. I think the grey black version is even more stunning than the whole white or black version (so far I have seen 3 different colors of this model) ! However, as you may have realised that Givenchy stuffs in Singapore are never cheap, although the range of merchandise is quite commendable.The price of this pair of shoes indeed dampened my spirit. I always tell myself that there are always some shoes for me to own in every season, so it is really not a big deal to just lose this one. I tried the resistance, but unfortunately towards the end I still surrendered...

image (above) adapted from

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