Monday, December 13, 2010

red hot ss2011

I have many friends who only buy black or white shoes. I asked them why, and the reason they gave me was the convenience of matching. Well, I cannot deny that black or white shoes are easy to match but after a while I do find them boring. I take public transport such as bus and train quite frequently and I observe that most local so-called fashionistas just know how to dress up in black or white shoes, with the former prevailing. Pretty saddening isn't it? I do not really believe in the so-called "convenience", or rather black color perceived as the "cool thing". I think it is good to have a pair of black shoes, at least, but it is not the end of everything. Sometimes I saw some friends in total black and I would tease them "Who's funeral today?"

I am a color person. In my shoe collections, I do not have more than five pairs of black shoes. My favorite color is gold and blue, and now my love for red is multiplying. Look at these red offerings from Marc Jacobs, Raf Simons and D&G for SS2011, aren't they interesting and alluring? I want them all!

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