Wednesday, December 22, 2010

recollection: nike x cdg?

I know this post is kinda weird, totally not my style, and you may wonder why I suddenly bring this up. Last night I saw a twitter post from a follower stating that Nike should collaborate with Comme des Garcons. I told him that Nike has actually done so many many years ago, but the shoes were very limited and I remember that Japan and HK carried them. So I decided to do a post on this.

I suppose you are aware that Nike in recent years collaborates with Fragment Design, managed by Hiroshi Fujiwara, very actively and has produced very sought after babies based on the simple but popular Nike All Court model.  For high end streetwear fanatics, I believe Nike x Fragmenrt Design is a must-have. For once, I wanted it so badly too but I did not acquire any then, as I thought the heat would dissipate after a while. However, I still believe that deep down in me, there is still this penchant for streetwear.  I am basically a very jeans and tee person so sneakers for me are the best choice, and that proves why my shoe wardrobe comprises more sneakers than other "genres" of shoes.

The images below are very vintage in nature. Based on the very classic model of Nike Waffle, Sting, Kukini and LDV, the protege of Rei Kawakubo, Junya Watanabe, who loves vintage stuffs personally, retained the "vintage-ness" and in fact, if you look at the shoes carefully, there are not much changes except the added label wordings. I believe this collaboration was very market specific and the shoes were released mainly for Japan market. They appeared in HK market as I mentioned before that HK streetwear fashion is very much influenced by the Japanese. If you are reading this post and you own any of these Nike x Junya Watanabe Comme des Garcons, are the shoes still alive?

images from rakuten

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