Thursday, December 30, 2010

pierre hardy desert boots ss11

Some call it desert boot, some call it derby boot or chukka boot. Whatever it is, this kind of shoes is increasingly popular. Many designers have released such boots but I remember the Pierre Hardy and D&G ones more vividly, but I like the Pierre Hardy one more because the sole is made of rubber and it gives better grip on the floor, while the D&G version is made of wood (if I remember correctly), and can be quite slippery on wet surface.This type of boots goes well with folded chinos or tailored shorts.

Pierre Hardy 's latest color of pale greyish blue is out now at colette. If you want to get the darker color version, try the AW2010 collection at tresbienshop or studiohomme. They are still plenty in stock.

image adapted from colette

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