Thursday, December 9, 2010

i miss Hong Kong...

I was sorting out some old pictures. This was taken in September at a  Agnes b. cafe at Causeway Bay. Hong Kong is a great city with  numerous shopping lures, and I particularly adore multilabel stores such as I.T. , Joyce and D-mop, also not forgetting Lane Crawford and Harvey Nichols.

Some people claimed that shopping for branded stuffs in HK is cheaper than Singapore, but in actuality it is not always true. Well, for the HK locals, if they hold certain credit cards such as I.T. Citibank cards, certainly they would enjoy very good discounts. For D-mop, if you happen to shop more than HKD5000 in a single receipt ( hopefully I am right as some years ago I did that in a Y-3 store and I did not realise then that Y-3 is under the umbrella of D-mop), you would earn yourself a lifetime membership! Yes, until today my membership with D-mop is still alive and I can even enjoy member discounts at 10% off regular priced items in HK and Taipei. D-mop please do not change this good offer ok!

In HK, there is this term called 'water goods', literally translated from the Chinese phrase"水貨", which refers to parallel imported goods. They are priced so much cheaper than those sold at the main stores or flagship stores. "Water goods" are often misconstrued as faked goods, but actually they are not. Multi-label 'water goods stores' such as Twist and Hannah are quite well known for their huge variety of in-season merchandise. I am certain you would find some great surprises there! Oh yeah not forgetting those who are into Japanese high end street wears such as Visvim, Neighborhood, Wtaps, Comme Des Garcons, Uniform Experiment, Sophnet etc, you could find many of these in 'water goods stores' as well, such as Anytime, Cotwo and 7HalfFloor. These stores price their merchandise quite reasonbly as there is always a huge market out there and they are also competing with the giant, namely I.T. ( do you know that actually I.T. owns most of the above named Japanese labels! Standalone store like F.I.L or Sophnet are actually under I.T. ). Next time when you visit HK, don't forget to check out these stores!

Hannah website
Twist website

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