Monday, December 6, 2010

high in red

I have been eyeing on this pair of Bally Ikadi Red, which is released in high-cut only. Its red is elegant and gorgeous. I do not have many red shoes, and I quite love its tone of red. The dilemma is that I already got the same design in black. Its price in Singapore is steep. I noticed this pair of shoes when I was in HK three months ago and the price was so much cheaper! I did not make my decision to acquire then because I thought Singapore's Bally stores would have priced it cheaper. It is a regret indeed.

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  1. The red color is truly stunning, but it doesn't really chime with the black n white stripe. I imagine the black one you have is gorgeous :)

  2. hi Shane,
    yes you r right! the black version comes in black-white stripes too, a more black-white classic look.

    I am delighted that you are reading my blog :)

    and you're cute!



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