Wednesday, December 15, 2010

do I need a mountain(to wear mountain boots)?

I am definitely not fanatical about this kind of mountain boots. However, as the season is right at the moment, I think there is not harm mentioning them. I have seen people wearing such mountain boots gorgeously. Such boots definitely play an important part in the fashion scene.

In Singapore, I rarely see people wearing mountain boots because if you do so, people might think you're mentally deranged haha! However, many HK fashionistas would not hesitate to wear them, for the very fact that they are quite influenced by the Japanese, and I have to mention this particular Japanese street wear label, Visvim. It's famous mountain boot model "Serra" is hot and always talked about.

 Monclear is another big Italian winter wear label which I recently keep feeling its presence and hearing its noise everywhere in this fall winter season especially. The last pair of boots in the image above is a hybrid of Moncler and Visvim, named Moncler V, based on the Visvim's evergreen model "Serra", which has become one of the most sought after items albeit its shockingly steep price tag.

To me, mountain boots are chunky and heavy, but the build has to be like that in order to serve the function as a 'mountain boot". The current Singapore market has no presence of Moncler yet, but who knows one day some fanatics will introduce it. As for Visvim merchandise, they are usually carried in a local multi label store Surrender (now Serra Paccard, 3rd from top in the image, is available!)

Last week I passed by an established local shoe retailer called Leftfoot at Far East Plaza along Scotts Road in Orchard, and I saw the Dr. Martens's boots (4th in the image) in black and brown, and later, I also found out that Tangs at Orchard carries the same. To my surprise, they are equally appealing with a so much less intimidating price! And they still got my size too!

But ultimately mountain boot is still not my kind of thing, although I have seen the Moncler V version in real while I was in HK in September, and I have to say they were extremely stunning.

images adapted from beeweb, oki-ni, endclothing;
from top: Fracap, Diemma, Visvim Serra, Dr.Martens, Visvim Eiger, Moncler V

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